Beats O Freen Ft. Joanna Borromeo – “Boom”


We have more summer vibes for you to add to your playlist with Beats O Freen “Bloom” Ft. Joanna Borromeo.  “The process of Bloom started with the idea that the world we perceive is a reflection of what’s inside us, subconsciously or not. It is about coming out of your shell, about expanding into the space around you. We just

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Deqn Sue – “Bloody Monster”


Deqn Sue’s first single “Bloody Monster” from her upcoming project “Snacks” was a surprise track; in the sense that once it starts you expect it to go one way but then it goes a completely different direction but still kind of touches what you expected…if that makes sense. To further explain, the song starts off with a sample that gives off

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