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Eli Reed Skate the Playboy Mansion

What’s every pro skaters dream? To skate the playboy mansion, with the beautiful playmates scattered around serving as host, eyecandy and obstacles right? Probably not, but it could have been in the top 10 things to do & now pro skater Eli Reed can scratch that off of his bucket list. In “Lost Paradise” Eli is shot cruising around the not so skate friendly mansion of Hugh Hefner in a dream he has while knocked out on the New York City streets. Take a look at the short film sponsored by Diamond Supply Co. and Tenga

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Kehlani - “Cloud 19”

If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on with the up & coming music scene lately, then Kehlani’s buzz may be coming as a bit of a shock to you. For those of us that have been keeping our ears open, knew it was only a matter of time before Kehlani’s momentum would start to pick up. Seemingly on que with the demand for more music from listeners, we get an 8 track project from the 19 year old,  titled “Cloud 19” by no coincidence im sure. Cloud 19 features some classic throwback samples that I won’t name, we’ll just let you listen for yourselves below.

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Kilo Kish - Locket (video)

Fans were tweeting endlessly asking the songstress and rapper for new music and they finally got it. Then they demanded more visuals and got a lil taste. They continued to beg for more. Kilo Kish took her time and released an intimate video for Locket, filmed in her Los Angeles home studio, surrounded by friends. Kilo invites us into her headspace, with chaos surrounding her, she walks us through a pause in time as she melodically sing-raps to the slowed beat.

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