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Michael Leonard Witham to Release Debut Folk Album


Today on How to Make It in the Industry, an excerpt from the book of Unwritten Rules on Becoming a Successful Musician in 2014. Rule #1: NEVER GET INTO THE GLAM ROCK SCENE, Rule #2: No fedoras, Rule #3: Get featured on TOAN Mag.

Fortunately for folk singer Michael Leonard Witham, he’s gotten the memo and is halfway to getting himself on the right track.

Michael Leonard Witham: John’s Old Lady from Actual Cats on Vimeo.

The Arkansas based artist is set to release his debut album “A Scandal In The Violets ”. The handful of tunes provide listeners with pleasant acoustic guitar folk riffs and optimistic harmonica and piano melodies as the background for hoarse vocals and lyrics that actually make the country life sound mighty desirable.

Catch the launch, Oct.21 on

-Rebecca Encina

Watch Pharrell’s New Anime-Inspired ‘It Girl’ Video

Pharrell has shared the music video for his latest single “It Girl,” which you can check out now .

The video, produced by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and directed by Fantasista Utamaro, is heavily inspired by anime and Japanese video game artwork and follows Pharrell — with what looks like a group of teenage girls — through a magical video game world, complete with a dolphin spaceship, a rabbit shooting stars out of its eyes and, of course, Pharrell’s super-powered hat (so that’swhy it’s so tall).

The best part, however, is the Mount Rushmore-esque mountain sculpture at the end, featuring the faces of Pharrell, Murakami, Utamaro and a dog.

You can check out Pharrell’s totally bizarre “It Girl” music video here:

-Sarah Nevills

BJ The Chicago Kid - “Soul Of Woman”

BJ TCK delivers a refreshing new track, with an old feel. Full of soulful jazz vibes, BJ breaks down the soul of a woman, singing about all the things that make her who she is today; from the smile on her face, to her source of strength.  BJ has been building quite the buzz lately and if he continues to show his ability to make music that appeals to the current generation and touch the listeners with old souls, he will be a household name in no time. 

- Jason /