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"How We Be" with Sinkane

Sudanese producer Sinkane brings us minimalistic vibes and cued dancing for the fall season with his visuals for “How We Be.” The feeling of being carefree increases as the song goes on. The dancing is perfection and will make you want to join as well.


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Top 5 Tumblrs Of The Week:


The weekly edition of highlighting the top 5 tumblrs of the week is officially back and we’re ready to share some of the most entertaining, interesting & just overall amazing blogs, that we have come across this week. I’m not even going to give you a briefing of what to expect to, hit the link and see for yourself. 

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Spooky Black - DJ Khaled is My Father (Video)

In August, Minnesota newcomer Spooky Black released the video for ‘DJ Khaled Is My Father.’ Spoiler alert: The song has nothing to do with DJ Khaled.

The video, shot, directed and edited by  and sukaisupa is true to his overall lo-fi, low budget aesthetic that appeals to the secret Lil B fan in us all (Re: me). Don’t tell Spooky that, though. The teen internet sensation is no fan of comparison, having tweeted that it’s “the laziest way of interpreting music.”

To be fair, who do you compare the turtleneck fanatic with a voice too mature for his wardrobe to?

With a whopping 55 tweets and zero recorded interviews to date, it’s hard to truly grasp the identity of Black (aka Lil’ Spook). What we know for sure, though, is that there’s no one on the web quite like Spooky Black.

'DJ Khaled Is My Father,' co-produced by frequent collaborator Psymun and Spooky Black himself, appears as a bonus track on Spook's latest Extended Play, titled Leaving.  The EP is available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase in cassette, vinyl, and digital formats on

-Aquil Tajiddin