A few months ago the building team of the clothing brand “The Underdogs” opened up their online site. TOAN Magazine caught up with one of the good respectable young men appart of the brand for an interview …….

TOAN: How many people are collectively apart of The UNDG team?

UNDG: its about 6 of us, we all play are part in making it all work.

TOAN: All from the same area? 

UNDG:  Mostly from the Los Angles area / Long Beach, Van Nuys, and Pacoima….But we all reside in a city called Palmdale now about an hour outside of LA.

TOAN: Who or what inspired you all to launch a brand?

UNDG:  Biggest influence on me personally is Bobby Hundreds. I have meet him once or twice at the store and even got plugged on the website at a Black Friday event 3 years back. His brand was one of the 1st brands I loved… I first was introduced to Fresh Jive/3sixteen/Orisue and The Hundreds.. And another big inspiration is the younger kids we are around…They always remind us to just have fun.

TOAN: And just for the record and everybody out there whats the official name of the brand is it “UNDG” or The Underdogs”?

UNDG:  Its really The Underdogs but we love to call it The UNDG both names are fine. We had a lot of other names but they didn’t stick. Everybody feels like that at some point and we want this to be a brand for everybody, so we think it fits perfect.

TOAN: How long did it take to actually get everything together. The vision, the name, the logo, licensing, printing ect ect?

UNDG:  it took about 5 years to actually get to this point. We ran through many names, tons of designs and ideas. The idea has always been their since  10th grade year of high school. We didn’t actually fully start working until about a year ago. The first thing we ever made official was a small sticker. 

TOAN: Its currently just tee’s and hoodies up are you planning to expand to various other items in the future?

UNDG:  Like everybody we do plan to expand. We just are going to do it when it’s the right time. We didn’t see a point to make hats, jackets and everything else at this point but it will definitely come. 

TOAN: I went to theundg.net & I clicked on first video I saw. After watching it the first thing that came to mind about everybody was “RECKLESS” So that means you have a crazy story to share…

UNDG:  Ok so its about 9 of us walking home from school..Somebody picks up a pine cone and throws it into traffic, BAM! it smacks some dude’s windshield, he turns out of the street into the dirt lot and chases us in his car. He eventually hops out of his car on a foot pursuit & chases one of our friend’s down, trips him into a bunch of dirt and tumble weed. When he gets up my friend kicks him in his nuts. Dude runs back to his car, grabs a camera and starts trying to take pictures of us, saying he’s going to go to every high school till he finds out who we are. Another friend gets in his face and breaks his camera, dude says fuck it and calls the police. We just take off after that. Me and another friend split and say we will all go to so and so house. At this point we just go in “Stater Brothers” and steal bags of candy, as we walk out we see 2 cop cars roaming the parking lot. We drop down and crawl through the lot till we get to “Taco Bell” When we get inside we see two of our other friends hiding behind the cash register. We all say fuck it and run out to cross the street and then those sirens hit and all you hear is get on the ground now!!!….We end up on a main street in cuffs, its around 4:30 and are parents get home at 5 so we all shit bricks….I’ll just end it with no charges were pressed and we got to keep the candy.



TOAN: Is there a message or a certain inspiration you’re trying to send with your clothing line?

UNDG: The one thing we wanna send to people is to just take a risk and do what ever it is that you wish to do. We are all young and this is the chance to take risk. I don’t wanna have kids one day and be like ” when i was your age I could have did blah blah” so many people don’t do what they wanna do. The main reason is a lot of people don’t wanna work for it. When people see all these famous people they think “damn i Iwanna be like that.” They don’t realize that they probably had to go through so much bullshit to get to that point.

TOAN: When its time to buckle down & work what artist do you like to listen to?

UNDG:  Well me personally with designs I can never just sit and design, it has to come to me. But with getting shirts printed making sure things get ordered doing promo finding connects its a everyday job. We never wake up and do nothing. Even if its brainstorming or just getting a price quote we are always doing something. 

Right now I have been listing to “channel ORANGE” I finished two designs listening to that. Also Childish Gambino with a mix of Blink 182’s old music…some Justin Timberlake hahaahah and School Boy Q and N.E.R.D.

TOAN: Have you seen an up rising in attention with women since starting the brand?

UNDG: Yea man the ratchets LOVE US !!! But nah not really most people don’t know who’s even behind it. We don’t even go out that much we all usually kick it together in are circle and hit spots. If we go anywhere its at least 4 of us to one place. We don’t want to be in the spotlight, WE give a fuck less about being famous that shit is not worth it.

TOAN: Where do you see THEUNDG in the next 5 yrs.?

UNDG: In the next 5 years I would like to have at least 1 or 2 pop up shops or even a store front. I want all the lil homies to have something to look forward to and say i was apart of that in someway.

TOAN: How did Chris Brown & Kendrick Lamar come about rocking the brand? Did you just send a package like whatever? Did someone just reach out to you all? How did it feel seeing them in it?

UNDG: The feeling was radass, word never got back as to how it came about. Word of mouth is a powerful gesture. All I can say is show genuine love & it’ll come back around tenfold without expecting it. 

Be sure to check out and support these young dudes keeping positive and believing in hard work at TheUNDG.net & pick yourself up some merch.

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