Sneakerbox Truck Exclusive featuring Tiffany Crews

Boston is quickly emerging in its Urban area from its slew of Hip-Hop artists to showcasing stores such as Laced and AWOL to a mobile sneaker and clothing store called the Sneakerbox! Read the exclusive interview we had with co-owner, Tiffany Crews. 



TOAN: Who is Tiffany Crews? 

Crews: “I am a 23 year-old woman, co-owner of Sneakerbox and, basically, an ex-basketball player. Hopefully, soon to be very successful in the sneaker business.” As she chuckles, “That’s about it.”

TOAN: Where are you originally from?

Crews: “I am originally from Willingboro, New Jersey, which is Southern Jersey… Now living in Boston for the past 6 years.” 

TOAN: Why’d you come to Boston? What’s in Boston, Massachusetts?! 

Crews: “I came to Northeastern on a scholarship to play basketball. I fell in love with the city, so I decided to stay afterwards. I got a job with Nike for about a year. Afterwards, I started Sneakerbox with my coworker, who also worked at Nike. So now we started the business located here in Boston. As I said before, it’s mobile.” Crews pauses and states with assurance, “We may move, we may not. It all depends. Time will tell.” 



TOAN: The people want to know what is Sneakerbox?

Crews: “Sneakerbox is a mobile boutique. Basically, it’s a store on wheels. We remodeled the entire inside of a box truck to look like a store. We sell sneakers, t-shirts, hats, crew necks, and jackets. Basically, all urban street wear. We’re looking into getting accessories and starting our own clothing line as well.” Crews points at her chest as she proceeds, “This is like the first piece to our own clothing line here. We’ll be venturing out to making  more products. It’s based out of Boston, owned by two women, who carry about 10 to 12 different apparel lines and 6 to 7 different footwear lines. It’s pretty new, as we started this year. We’re just looking to move forward and progress.” 

TOAN: You stated earlier that you may relocate. Where would be your ideal location?

Crews: “If I had a choice, it’d be definitely somewhere warm,” as she looks around with a smile on her face. “Maybe California, even Hawaii. Hawaii has a market that hasn’t been touched. There’s a few decent footwear shops there; it’s definitely somewhere that would work pretty well with a mobile business, especially with all of the beaches. That would be ideal.”

TOAN: What upcoming ventures do you have in store for the Sneakerbox? 

Crews: ”We actually, recently, got sponsored to do a cross-country trip by another boston start-up company called looped in. They are a mobile payment app and they wanted to go national in January. We partnered up with them to do Collegefest and built a pretty good relationship. We pitched them the idea of taking them across country. Our truck is like a moving billboard, so in return we thought we’d do marketing and advertising for them… We’re going to be driving from Boston down to Miami to California, stopping by every state along the way!” She begins to speculate some more, “Setting up shop, maybe throwing events, pulling up at skate shops. We’re leaving the 21st of January. That’s our latest venture that we have, which will probably last a month and a half. So we’re just fully focused on that and really excited for this opportunity.” 

TOAN: Where do you hope this cross-country tour will take your business? 

Crews: “Anywhere positive,” as she quickly divulges into her sentiments. “All we’re looking to get out of this is marketing for ourselves— to spread the word on what Sneakerbox is and what we do.” She speaks upon women playing a role “in this predominantly male-run industry” and building relationships with other clothing lines and moguls across the United States.

Click here to view the Sneakerbox leaving Boston for their anticipated tour! 

TOAN: Would you want the Sneakerbox just to be one entity or would you like to multiply throughout the states and even other countries? 

Crews: With a familiar yet all-knowing smile, “That’s funny. We’ve been asked that so many times within the past month. Right now, we’re solely focused on the Boston-based one because we haven’t even been opened for a year. Things are moving for us; we just want to focus on having this first truck being successful, building our clothing line and getting better brands in the truck… We were thinking about maybe branching off and having other trucks in major cities, which would be pretty cool… We want to mainly focus on this here at hand, make sure it’s successful and move forward.”


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Writer/Farrah J.