Last weekend, on April 20th, folk band and Brooklyn natives, The Lone Bellow, graced the Boston crowd at the Brighton Music Hall, located in Allston, MA. Locals, Lone Bellow fanatics and hipsters all came out to support good music and awesome performances! The Lone Bellow consists of three members but, to their tour, there was an addition of a cello player and drummer. Above is a snippet of their hit “Two Sides of Lonely” off of their self-titled album, which can be purchased here off of Amazon. 

The emotion on their faces.

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Boston is infamous for their critical crowds and reception to artists that visit. The Lone Bellow did not disappoint these Bostonians, as they soulfully bellowed their vocal chords to the maximum altitude and swayed the night away with their passionate gestures. They not only performed at the Brighton Music Hall, but also at Newbury Comics located in Faneuil Hall. 

Farrah/ IG: farrahsbayou