5 Fitness Tricks To Help You Beat The Heat

Sprummer is here which can only mean two things: Lil Rob’s Summer Nights on repeat and daunting heat waves discouraging exercise. Fortunately for the latter, we’ve cooked up 5 fitness tricks to help you stay active and cool.

Exercise indoors– If you must exercise outdoors, do so at dusk or dawn or stay under shady areas. If you’re running, try to take a dirt path. Stay away from sun absorbing black tops.

Smear on petroleum jelly– Apply between thighs, underarms and toes to avoid friction where there is skin-to-skin contact.

Drink a lot more water and bathe in sunscreen– Do not rely on thirst to tell you when it’s time to drink water, remember if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated! Also, studies have shown that sunscreen lowers body temperature after 40 minutes of exercise activity.

Swimming as an alternative work-out– Duh.

Keep away from caffeine– This includes coffee, soda, tea and even alcohol as these liquids cause fluid loss.