TOAN Exclusive: A Moment With LoveBomb (video interview)

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IMG_5424Dubbed for her love of N.E.R.D., LoveBomb, a singer-songwriter and producer native to La-La-Land is to some degree, an enigmatic individual.She is the pseudonymous girl with the delicate yet spellbinding and tenacious voice on Iman Omari’s “Break it Down” and Overdoz’s “Lauren London”. Tucked away in her City Terrace apartment in the hills of East Los Angeles, LoveBomb, known to friends as Brittney, is a soft spoken girl with an immense dedication for music. Although, you should not be misguided by the gentle tone, LoveBomb has a lot to say.

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LoveBomb1Early on LoveBomb was belting out chords and harmonizing in her church choir. She nurtured that talent and went on to attend Alexander Hamilton High School where she thrived in the Music Academy. There is where her journey to production was birthed, as well as artists such as Elle Varner and Syd The Kid of The Internet. After talks and no release, of an album titled Constellations, with a group named THE ALGORYTHMS, LoveBomb’s preparation for debut has been deliberate and a solo album is coming our way. Continue on to learn more about her process and what we can expect from her this year.

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LoveB0mb from TOAN Magazine on Vimeo.

Interviewer + Creative Director: Miriha Austin

Photographer: Visual Thought

Makeup Artist: Erin Pea

Videographer: Jason Robinson