A Pretty Sick Moment With Yanin Namasonthi (interview)


We’ve been holding onto this one for some time now, waiting for just the right moment to share Bee’s thoughts with you all. Who is this Bee? Well, you may know her as Yanin Namasonthi? Still not ringing a bell? How about Pretty Sickly? Okay, now we’ve got your attention!

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During her visit to Los Angeles late last year, B took time out of her busy schedule to stop by and answer some questions for us. If you’re still a little lost, B is a young style blogger from the UK that has racked up over 130k followers on Instagram and nearly 80k followers on her Youtube channel. B’s blog, idressmyselff, is where it started. There, she gives her viewers TONS of style advice, outfit inspirations, special deals and giveaways and more. She has gotten quite consistent over the many years with her video updates and has major plans for the future. Check out the video below for the full interview.

Pretty Sickly from TOAN Magazine on Vimeo.