An Official DuckWrth Debut LP AND A Video Interview???



DuckWrth is an alien, simply put. His sound, his style, and the way his mind works are all out of this world. We met Duckwrth, a South Central born artist that found himself in the Bay Area, a few years back at BrokeChella and have thoroughly enjoyed his progression as an artist, both musically and visually, since. With great excitement, we are happy to share his debut LP, I’M UUGLY.

For DuckWrth, the only thing you can expect musically is a flawless blend of sounds, space and time and that is exactly what he has given us with I’M UUGLY. But of course, DuckWrth does not come as just a rapper and as with many multifaceted artists, not just wearing multiple hats but wearing them WELL, garners lots of curiosity from onlookers. TOAN Mag being one, we decided to ask a few questions of our own. Take a look and listen below and make sure to get #IMUUGLY here.

DuckWrth from TOAN Magazine on Vimeo.