Are You Looking For a More Efficient Way to Lose Weight?

Do you feel as if it is taking months, perhaps years to trim down to your desired weight? TOAN has some suggestions to getting that summer body right in a mere two or three months!

  • Emphasis on lifting weights before engaging in some cardio. The minimum requirement to run on a treadmill, jump rope, ride the bicycle or elliptical and so on is 30 minutes. Before we proceed to the cardio portion, we will want to start lifting those 45 lbs. weights or whatever suits your liking. Sometimes you look around the gym and see avid participants who look like they haven’t toned up in the least bit. Then, you glance at the men and some women heavily racking up on the weights. They know you’re watching them but they aren’t concerned because they are too busy with their weights and toning their abdominals, lower back, biceps and quads. Then they confidently target the cardio section, immediately afterwards. By doing this, your glycogen store is being burned off in a quicker manner. Glycogen stores is where your extra fat resides and, when we burn our fat, we are utilizing that as our main energy. Lifting weights then training helps get rid of most of our extra fat! Remember, this next week when you step foot in the gym, test this theory out and record the results. You may want to do this for two weeks before you make this your permanent regimen. It is highly suggested!
  • Always keep the water flowing. Our body is made of 72% water and we rely on this. Water also helps decrease the elasticity in our body. Say bye-bye to those ‘bye-byes’ for good! There will be less pouches and loose skin if you drink more than 16 cups of water a day.  For your information, a bottle of water contains two cups. If you’re in love with Poland Springs, then you may want to invest in at least 8 bottles a day. The more the merrier, but you also do not want to run into the issue of gaining water weight. Water retention can be caused by a serious illness, so please seek a physician in order to clarify that it isn’t.
  • A balanced diet helps keep the fat, water weight and doctor away! Incorporate your greens and fruits into your life. Make sure each is a vibrant and diverse day in your meal choices.

o   Bananas, avocadoes, raisins are awesome sources for potassium. Apricots are also great in the potassium department; these foods help with decreasing water retention.

o   Magnesium helps relieve water retention. Seeds and nuts are awesome in this department! Also, your vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli and anything green, will help maintain a balanced and healthy body.

o   You will need yogurt. Probiotics are resourceful in many aspects; they help expel the bad bacteria, aid in the digestive department and are a great source for protein!

o   Whole grain cereal and rice are needed in decreasing bloating and swelling. These items are rich in fiber. Cabbage is also another food staple you may want to add to your grocery list!

o   Last but not least, tea is your friend. Especially ginger tea when it comes to eradicating water weight and aiding in several other departments.

Three Crucial Tips to Abide by: 

  1. Stay healthy.
  2. Summer 2013 is approaching!
  3. Remember to frequently check TOAN for more health updates!

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