Avila Santo Is Making His Own Lane and Speeding in It. Listen To ‘”Come To Me” – The Song That Got Us Hooked!


Avila Santo is an Afro-Latin musician creating alternative sounds out of Mar Vista, Ca. After studying Afro-Cuban and Latin Percussion at Berklee College of Music and receiving a degree in Professional Music, Santo made his way back down to southern California to begin and finish an album. Avila tells TOAN that he came back to take steps to becoming a self sustaining musician, composer and producer. When asked about his sound and style, he explains that his style is a fusion of his childhood and life experiences. Santo grew up in a Jewish and Afro-Brazilian household where he remembers hitting drums before he could even walk! He says Capoeira, Samba and Candomblé music were all part of his musical environment since birth.



In high school his progression with music took off and he started teaching himself how to make beats. His uncle helped him build a home studio and he began recording music with other local artists, specifically rappers. After spending time researching Hip Hop music and DJ’ing any parties he could, he realized that was somewhat of a phase. As he transitioned to Berklee, Santo found interest in instruments and he started researching Jazz, Classical and World Music. There he taught himself piano, bass, the drums and he established his writing and singing voice. Avila is back in LA now and has recorded and released his first album, omnipresence, and his writing new music with his second album in mind.

When asked if Come To Me, a track released last month (via soundcloud), is a precursor for whats to come, he replies, “Maybe Come To Me was like… allow[ing] infinite inspiration to come to me, [an] abundance anthem.” Enjoy below.