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France Bans Scary Thin Models


Praise the French parliament for they have officially passed the proposed law. This new law states that any company in France that hires a model who does not meet the countries’ health requirements of 18 BMI, will be faced with a fine of up to 75,000 euros ($82,000) or even possible jail time. The congress are even crashing down on […]

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Bey’s Make-Up Artist, a Psychic?

Looking to imitate Beyonce’s look for the day? All you’ll need are long blonde luscious locks, mad foxy threads, an exceptional moisturizer and…a psychic make-up artist? Yes ma’am! The queen B’s right hand make-up artist, Sir John revealed his secret in a recent interview with Glamour’s where he states, “The look depends on her mood. I know this sounds […]

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