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We Can’t Believe It’s Butter!

If you love to cook as much as we do, then we would advise that you keep your beady, little eyes glued to the screen. The anticipation is killing us too. We know. Recent studies, from a market-research firm, has unraveled the costs being viciously spent on butter versus margarine. As a whole, we assumed butter was a terrible attribute in […]

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Bananas Are The Fast Food of Fruit

You’re probably wondering exactly what we mean by “Bananas are the fast food of fruit.” Bananas are healthy right? Not quite.Yes, they’re a good source of fiber and potassium but you probably didn’t know that Bananas are high in sugar. The Cavendish, the type of banana we’re most familiar with, Per 100-gram serving contains more sugar than soda (12 grams to 9 grams). A consistent diet […]

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