Dormtainment – A New School of Comedy (Full Interview – video)





Are you a regular black guy? Not sure what that means, exactly? According to the gentleman of Dormtainment, it is the opposite of those black guys from Empire. Picture this, cargo pants and a flannel, a classic fade and hightop something’s. That’s these guys, with a comedic flare. Living on a quiet cul de sac in a suburb of the San Fernando Valley, the six men that make up Dormtainment, Rome Green, Amanuel Richards, Mike Anthony, Cameron Miller, Chaz Miller, and Tay (yes, just Tay), have turned their home into their office, studio and have added the Soulja Boy Museum. TOAN got the chance to visit the all in one space and speak to the crew, press play to see what happened.

TOAN Magazine x Dormtainment from TOAN Magazine on Vimeo.