Lets Get Fruity for July 4th…

And for the rest of the summer, for that matter! What’s the rage at the moment (and hopefully forever on)? Well, you can utter these words or shout it out, but fruit infused water has become the must have piece within your fridge and lifestyle.

Grab a fetch clear jar and get those creative juices flowing! You can create it however you want. Here are some simple recipes that we snagged from Cluck Wild Homestead.

Apple Cinnamon – One sliced up apple, and two cinnamon sticks

Pineapple Lime – Half a cup of fresh pineapple chunks, and two slices of lime

Cucumber Orange – Several slices of cucumber, and three orange slices

For a festive theme, pick some strawberries, blueberries and organic white sugar to correlate with the upcoming holiday! Stay hydrated in the most adorable way. You can purchase your jars in the home and kitchen section at any TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods and even online!