Malik LovesYall Ft. Leiah – “The World Pt.2″



Lets start Monday morning off with some smooth positivity. Introducing Malik LovesYall, a West LA artist known for his daily Instagram video messages, where he spreads love and constructive guidance. Discovering purpose through sound, Malik LovesYall uses music and performance to provide a platform for compassion, community and growth. Growing up in multiple cultural, linguistic and socio-economic spaces as a youth, Malik LovesYall creates with the purpose of cultivating a global community whose focus is rooted in a collective consciousness where mental, physical and spiritual health are at the forefront.

photo courtesy of Lordazvnexvx

For this smooth jam, Malik teamed up with fellow Ubiquitous Love Tribe member, Leiah, to create a peaceful sound to heal the world. Give “The World” a listen below and keep up with Malik and the rest of ULT here.