mL – “Lunar” [TOAN Debut]


MLThe bond between souls can create a force beyond one’s limit. Leiah and monzyx form the duo mL and upon meeting, the magic and love the two possessed alone combined to create a power that is immeasurable. Luminosity and timelessness are truths the couple intend to embody and emit through their artistry. It was just four years ago that the two met and started their journey through love and music. Both originally planning to be solo artists the rapper/producer, monzyx/NRG, was just arriving at his musical intention as Leiah was already a seasoned singer who had been performing since the age of six. With a little help from each other, both artists expanded their musical abilities and created a two-person production team that also writes, sings, raps, engineers, and masters. Acknowledging the beautiful synergy between them and the rest of their collective, Ubiquitous Love Tribe, mL has since been a major contributor to the team.

Lunar is an ode to beauty herself. The moon has always affected souls in tune, hence mL’s inspiration to appreciate her essence. In this ethereal sonic journey, Leiah serenades the listener with soothing love vibes, while monzyx flows in wave-like, syncopated rhythms. Being the largest super moon in nearly 70 years, mL found it fitting to bring light to such a luminous presence. Turn your lights down low, light some sage and press play below.