Photographer Spotlight Monday: Joshua Brathwaite


TOAN Magazine Photographer Spotlight Monday Featuring: Joshua Brathwaite



Preferred name: Joshua

Where you are from: UK

Current area of residence: UK (Midlands)

Instagram: @joshuabrathwaite

More Work:


TOAN: What are your thoughts on saturation in the photography industry due to social media?

Joshua Brathwaite: I think that the saturation of photography was always going to happen given the fast pace of technological change. Like with all things I think that you have to look at it from both sides. The ease of entry into photography makes it more competitive and therefore more important to distinguish yourself and calve your niche. However, it does demand a greater level of individuality and creativity, which in turn encourages greater skill and makes for better photography for both the producers and consumers of it. It is also being used to bring about greater social consciousness in a way that it never has done before, which is fantastic.


TOAN: Because of its origin and some specific knowledge of settings, numbers and so forth, do you consider photography an art, science, or skill/talent?



JB: I consider photography to be all of the above. The creative nature of photography enables it to be considered art because it is produced to be admired and can convey beauty and intrigue. Photography at its core is based on the interaction between light and darkness, which steps into the scientific realm. The complex nature of the workings of a camera means that a basic level of skill is required in order to capture a desired image. I think that being able to visualize a photograph through observation and intuition, before the image is actually captured, requires some degree of talent.


TOAN: How did you decide on photography as something to commit your time to?


JB: I was actually interested in image processing before photography itself. A friend of mine used to create great images using photos and text in image processing programs. Eventually I got my hands on Photoshop and began experimenting with images that I took on my cyber-shot camera phone. Years later I bought my first camera and I’ve been shooting ever since. I still enjoy the post-production side of things. I’ve always enjoyed art, drawing and creativity from a young age, which died down, as I got older. I feel like photography takes me back to that young creative and exciting place.

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TOAN: What do you imagine to be doing with photography in 6 months? 5 years?


JB: In 6 months I want to be working with more brands and collaborating with other artists/photographers that I identify with and admire. I want my work to be more widely recognized, and 5 years from now I want to have established and expanded my own brand as a photographer. I also want to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to pursue what they enjoy and maximize the use of their talents.