Post It Forward


Following Facebook’s recently implemented suicide prevention initiative, Tumblr has joined in the effort with one of its own.

Post It Forward is a Tumblr account and accompanying hashtag that aims to fight depression and suicide with a stream of uplifting messages.

Created by Tumblr staff itself, the effort is a lot less grim and a lot more exciting than Facebook’s. It’s also a lot more DIY while still centering community support. Whereas Facebook asks us to report troubling posts from friends who may need help, Tumblr seems more interested in helping you cheer yourself up.

The effort reflects the site’s corporate identity as well as the general culture in place in its online community. It also stands to reach a key audience that Facebook seemed to overlook. This is an audience that Tumblr is all too familiar with: introverts.

Since its start, Tumblr users have considered the site a safe haven for the rejected, neglected, and misunderstood. Post It Forward shows that Tumblr understands its community and is aware of the people types that depend on the platform.

A person who is privately battling depression won’t always openly express that in person or online. For a number of reasons, that person may not be too inclined to reach out for the help that they need either. Especially not if it means asking directly.

The fact is that there aren’t always obvious indicators that a person may be in danger of self-harm. Even when there are, not every person can be reached in time. By navigating these obstacles carefully, Tumblr staff and its public community can potentially save countless lives.

Scroll through Tumblr’s new Post It Forward account now and don’t be afraid to revisit it if you’re ever feeling down.