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Last week the beautiful and talented Nikko Gray stopped by The Brickbox to give us an update on her music hiatus, among other things. This London born songstress is gearing up to release some highly anticipated music. Nikko has been very busy, with her hand in a bit of everything, as we chatted she gave us some insight on what she’s doing with her nail art crew, Kleur as well as whats going on with her jewelry line, Gray that is now being sold at Haus of Love in DTLA. We didn’t end our interaction with the artist here, make sure you order a copy of our next issue for an exclusive photo shoot with Nikko and a little bit more about why we love her. Make sure you catch Nikko and the rest of KLEUR as they will be hookin’ nails up at Space 1520 for the Bazaaaaar pop up shop this Friday. 


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