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Throwback Thursdays

Instead of mourning a monumental figure in the hip-hop world, we shall celebrate! In honor of the late Chris Kelly (the rapper in the Yankees letterman), who passed away last night, we share his hit “Jump” with the other half of Kris Kross, Chris Smith. I call him a monumental figure because one, hip-hop was just on the rise in the early ’90s. Two, they both were mere children when they came out with this. Did they know it would be a everlasting hit? Their single, “Jump,” landed on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 for about 8 weeks. 8 smashing weeks?! Thank you Jermaine Dupri for discovering these young boys. And although their success was short-lived, their legacy still remains as one of the biggest hip-hop duos to create a brilliant and catchy song with dope rhymes. I must say, they are better than most of our modern-day ‘rappers.’ 

Play this back throughout the summer for Chris Kelly. Download “Jump” here

Writer/Farrah J. - IG: farrahsbayou

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