Red, White, and Bland? – Here are Some Simple Tips to have a Not So Simple Independence Day Party


Independence Day is not only a celebration of the U.S departing from the Kingdom of Great Britain, its a day to enjoy the summer, cheat on your diet and have a couple hot dogs and burgers, while watching the sky light up as well. So you want to relive those moments, but as a young adult without the blue table sheets that never seem to tape down and you rather pass on the potato salad. Well, we got you covered. 

Location, location, and locations: To save money and last minute reservations at the park, these locations will be a great last minute rescue

 Apartment/Loft Rooftops – To avoid baking in the sun, we recommend having an afternoon/evening party. Grab the grill; pull the chairs from the living room, and head up.  

•  Backyards – Obviously. 

Food and Drink Suggestions: Again, you don’t want to break your pockets. Here are some ideas that can liven your party a little. 

  Have a potluck: Invite your friends to bring their favorite dishes. Not only will this create a variety of choices to choose from when eating, it prompts conversations, I’m sure you would be interesting to know what you’re eating and the recipe. 

•  Stay away from the typical: Cupcakes with flags are cute; however, try homemade sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches (say that twice) with toppings that represent what your America is. From your favorite reality starlet, to Obama, the choices are endless. 

  Beat the heat: Water is refreshing so have that handy, also have a pitcher of a homemade drink of your choice including fruits that can enhance the beverage. Alcohol is a great way to end your night and beer might not be for everyone, so have backup and try something light, like wine coolers. 

  Snacks: To keep everyone from getting antsy and to calm down those that are anxious to mingle, have some snacks available. We strongly suggest colorful, chilled fruit and vegetables, a bag of individual potato chips (to each their own), popsicles; try looking here for more ideas

Decorations and design: These decorations are not your mom’s typical Independence day accessories. Okay, we couldn’t have a celebration without some red, white, and blue. By using some throw pillows to accompany your guest seating, this one will be a great way to sit comfy, creating a 4th of July wreath, and having that throwback black boom box can create a summer scene like no other. Look here for inspiration and examples.

Last, but definitely not least, music choices:

•  Summer tunes are a must have: Ke$ha gets the party started, while Joey BadA$$ set the tone for a head-bobbing chill time, and you can never go wrong with “Summertime” by Will Smith. What are your suggestions?

Don’t forget your sparklers! Send us photos of how you’re celebrating your Fourth of July to We will be doing an update and we’re very excited to see how you and your friends celebrate! 

Let us know your 4th of July plans

Shaqueal Adkins/@DJSUCHNSUCK