Self Myofascial Release With Dan Go

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“Protein models got it all wrong, it’s not all about supplements.”

 There is such a heavy emphasis on being fit in today’s culture, it’s thrown in our faces everyday via social media media outlets, especially instagram. Whether it’s an aesthetically motivated fitness goal or a real effort to make a lifestyle change for overall health, there is a key component to the common health and fitness regimen that is consistently ignored by just about everyone, trainers included. What are the most common types of pain you hear people talk about? Back, knee, shoulder pain and headaches are typically the most common but the struggle to maintain doctor and chiropractor appointments while upholding life’s other endless obligations is real. Self-Myofascial Release can easily fit into your daily schedule and won’t cost you more than $50.00 in total; all you need is a tennis ball, lacrosse ball & a baseball.  I know it sounds weird, but you basically use a tennis ball to find trigger points on your body and release them.  

Myofascial tissue provides support and protection to your muscles and bones and envelopes your insides like a wetsuit from head to toe.  It is extremely important to almost every function of your body. This doesn’t just benefit athletes and gym rats, this benefits people who just live a normal life, doing normal day to day activities such as: Sitting at a desk at work or home, reading, picking up your children, cleaning & tons of other normal things we all do. Those things I listed gradually cause damage to your tissue which can restrict flexibility(crucial to performance in anything, sex included) and develop trigger points (knots that can cause pain throughout the body).

By simply using a tennis ball 10-15 mins a day to find and release your trigger points, you are releasing tension and toxic matter out of your muscles into your bloodstream to be excreted from your body, which will have you feeling on cloud 9, help you reach your fitness goals, and heighten the quality of life & sexual performance. Click the link below and our guy Dan Go can walk you through a how-to snippet. Don’t let his corny jokes scare you away, he knows what hes talking about & wants you feeling better & living better.