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TOAN Exclusive: Dave B Talks Hair Products, Pho and Humble Beginnings with TOAN Mag (interview)

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There is a surge of new and thriving talent in the music industry, both major and independent artists. In hip-hop specifically, with artists such as Makonnen, Bryson Tiller, Anderson Paak, Tory Lanez, Chance the Rapper and more, along with a new slew of artists, has come a new sound. Rising up the ladder, just below the aforementioned, is a young man from the Pacific […]

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Hip-Hop History Orchestrated By JIMEK

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On March 6th & 7th 2015 composer & producer JIMEK’s orchestrated magic. When have you ever heard hip hop hits played back to back to back by a orchestra? This should bring so much excitement to young people everywhere, music is amazing & it doesn’t stop at just rapping & singing…learning how to play instruments is cool & don’t let […]

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Is Drake A Legend?

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Drake’s most recent mixtape/album/leftovers or whatever you prefer to call it has made a big splash on the music billboards. Every single track from “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” has made it onto the R&B & Hip Hop billboard list. With over 5 million albums sold & passing up The Beatles on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, a […]

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Ferg Forever? A$AP Lets Us Know.

Hip-hop is trying to revive itself with the actual game changers and competitors such as Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean and now A$AP Ferg coming out with utter epic tracks and flows. After listening to A$AP and his 200 analogies (or so we thought), we came to a decision to give Ferg Forever a smashing review. Before you head out, […]

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