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DeQn Sue “Zeitgeist” Interview


“Actually no. the word Zeitgeist is actually one of my favorites. it’s a German word that means “spirit of the time”. I feel that the content on the album is very conducive to the word itself, so making it the title just worked perfectly for me.” The colorful, singer/songwriter Deqn Sue, took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few […]

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Toan Magazine X Erisse Peterson Interview


Toan Magazine caught up with film director & editor Erisse Peterson aka Petey Planes for an interview about her Darkhorse documentary, which features various talent throughout the state of Mississippi. We discuss her journey during the making of the documentary & got to know know Erisse a little more on a personal level as well. You can get more info about the […]

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Chance The Rapper chats with HypeTV about Acid Rap being Leaked Early, his Phone Call with Jill Scott, and more!

The response to Acid Rap was expected to a certain degree. I always looked at Acid Rap as working toward something, but I didn’t necessarily know what the end goal was … other then making a really dope project. Chance The Rapper, interview with HypeTrak TV Chicago native and most sought after, Chance The Rapper, born Chance Bennett is riding […]

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