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Broke Levees (video) – Ubiquitous Love Tribe Featuring Hugh Augustine


Ubiquitous Love Tribe is a collective of artists from Los Angeles, California, aiming to spread values of love, consciousness, family, discipline, and sustainability through the arts. On Halloween, a 360º music video for their single “Broke Levees,” featuring Hugh Augustine, was released. As a song, “Broke Levees” explores some of the ills of the world, and the fine line between […]

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Malik LovesYall Ft. Leiah – “The World Pt.2″


Lets start Monday morning off with some smooth positivity. Introducing Malik LovesYall, a West LA artist known for his daily Instagram video messages, where he spreads love and constructive guidance. Discovering purpose through sound, Malik LovesYall uses music and performance to provide a platform for compassion, community and growth. Growing up in multiple cultural, linguistic and socio-economic spaces as a […]

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Moon Vibez Music Fest: Artist Intro’s + Performances


Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending Chasity Londyn‘s (pictured above) Moon Vibez Music Fest, featuring tons of up and coming artists, from or currently residing in Los Angeles, pursuing their dreams. The positive energy swept the space and was accompanied by stellar performances, which began on the second floor deck but were later moved indoors thanks to the Venice […]

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Budz Feat. Manu Li – Hotbox (video)

Budz, a poet, UCLA dropout and tamale prep-chef – from Ubiquitous Love Tribe presents ‘Hotbox,’ the first single, with accompanying visuals, from his forthcoming EP “Reality and Other Falsehoods.” The track and video illustrate the farcical antics of two lonely stoners, while providing a loosely satirical critique of the exclusionary nature of boast and lifestyle raps. But mostly it’s just […]

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