Throwback Thursday: Happy Birthday Lisa Kudrow, This One’s For You!



She gave us Phoebe Buffay, the most aloof and lovable character on day-time television. She embodied her, and won over the hearts of millions. Lisa Kudrow, an American actress and producer turned 50 today and today we celebrated her. How? A Friends marathon on Netflix, how else?!

Most recently, Kudrow is starring in and writing for The Comeback, an HBO series, as well as starring in the Showtime series, Web Therapy. Most favorable mention for us is the voiceover work Kudrow did on the latest season of BoJack Horseman!

Kudrow, like nearly every character portrayed by the beauty, can bring a smile across any face with little to no effort

Here’s to you Lisa Kudrow, on your 50th! Enjoy The Best of Phoebe Buffay below…