Throwback Thursday: The Subtle Rebirth of the Tall Tee


Back in 2004 or so, ‘the tall tee‘ was all the rage. Fellas, if you were up on the latest, your daily look consisted of fresh white Air Force 1’s or some Air Jordan, your pants may have been tied on the bottom and your scrunchy socks may have been stuffing your sneakers, but you for SURE had on a crisp tall tee. If you were on the fresher side, you went to your local “we got it all” store and picked up a of couple new tee’s every few days to maintain the fresh. We have all been to one of these…
























Somewhere along the way, by 2009 the shirt sizes for men were noticeably shorter, and lot more fit. The popular stlye among the “urban male” went from this…





















To this…

























Now, we are in 2015 and this is the male standard across the board…


Okay, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, this look is hard to avoid at the moment.
















Have you fall victim to the stylish rebirth of the infamous tall tee? Ladies, you are not excluded, we see the takeover in the women’s department too!