Tiffany Gouché Loosens up With TOAN and Discusses Love, Drugs and Other Things.

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There are people you meet that you instantly love, you just can’t help it; Tiffany Gouché was one of those people for me. 

A multi-dimensional artist and person, with a passion so thorough she bleeds it in everything she does. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Miss Gouché rather well over the last few months and in the midst of the release of her Pillow Talk EP and announcing her first UK tour (accompanying Little Simz on her A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons tour), she was gracious enough to sit down with me and chat for a while. 

We arrived at EarthTones studios where Gouché recorded her most recent project, to set up and begin the interview. The weather was damp but crisp so we set up outside on the deck with a fire blazing and shots of Jameson ready to go. In the midst of it all, it began to drizzle, but we were so close to completion we decided to stick it out. The Jameson must have kept us optimistic! The energy was up and we were ready to begin when we realized that the rain had started to get heavy and like clockwork my managing editor, Jason, looked over at me and I looked up at Tiff and we all grabbed our glasses and headed inside. 

Tiffany Gouche from TOAN Magazine on Vimeo.