TOAN Magazine Throwback Thursday: “Brokechella 2015″


When Coachella season is approaching, it means more than just the festival experience of seeing a bunch of your favorite artist all in one weekend. It’s more than the crazy crowds, 300 sec snaps, dehydration & phone tag consisting of “Where are you text?” every hr. on hr. It also means the season of the broke is near as well, yes! Brokechella is just a little over a week away & we hope you’re prepared for the fun. For the past 5 years the cARTel Collaborative Arts of L.A. have been celebrating the broke by bringing some of the best up & coming artist of all forms, backgrounds & locations to sunny Los Angeles to showcase their talents at this phenomenal multi stage event. TOAN has been supportive of Brokechella & have been honored to be able to cover the event these past couple of years. So for today’s Throwback Thursday we wanted to look back at our experience at last years event, we caught some amazing performances & did some interviews as well, take a look below.