TOAN Magazine: Top 5 Tumblrs Of The Week



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LA Hip Hop Events

LA hip hop events is a one stop shop for all things hip hop taking place in L.A. from big venues to small, major artist to local artist, they have the updates you need here.



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Eat Sleep Draw 

Like most /designingers/illustratorts/Aritst period, you’re probably eager to share your work with others but discover other artist as well. The “Eat Sleep Draw” tumblr is always open to submissions from artist to showcase daily. You can be bold or be anonymous but your art is always welcome.


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Pace Gallery

Pace Gallery is the official blog and insider’s scoop on the happenings in modern and contemporary art in New York, Beijing, London, Hong Kong and beyond.



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Deep Life Quotes 

Every single person that uses tumblr is guilty of reblogging some random, deep life quote; except us, we don’t do that. For those that do, here’s a new source of things you want to say when you’re feeling deep but worded better.

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 5Cents A Pound

5Cents A Pound is a people persons blog. You can see candid photos various lifestyles & cultures people live & breathe .