TOAN Magazine: Top 5 Tumblrs Of The Week



Cabin Porn

The name cabin porn could be confused with actual sex taking place in a cabin because let’s be honest; having sex in a cabin just sounds amazing. Unfortunately for the pervs out there cabin porn is focused around some dope cabins located all over the globe.




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S A B R E is one of our favorite artist here at TOAN. Great energy, always positive & not too shabby with the camera. Follow her adventures & keep up with her latest music releases.


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Aint Shit Funny

Josh Peas is the guy you want to call when you want to expand your brand & get things done. Majorly known for working hand & hand with Anwar Carrots & Casey Veggies. Now he’s running his own brand “Aint Shit Funny”

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Metro Boomin

Two of the hottest producer tags in the game right now are “Metro Boomin Want Some More Nigga” & “If Young Metro Don’t Trust You Imma Shoot You” & they both belong to this man, Metro Boomin. Now you can keep up with with all the behind the scenes extras of young Metro’s life.


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Snoh Aalegra

From Sweden to Los Angeles, the beautiful Snoh Aalegra has been slowly making a name for herself by way of her vocal talent, mysterious vibes & impeccable fashion taste.