TOAN Magazine: Top 5 Tumblrs Of The Week



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 Carrots By Anwar 

If you know anything about the streetwear scene then you know the name Anwar Carrots. The once founder of Peas & Carrots international is now putting his complete creative efforts into “Carrots By Anwar” which features the simplistic clean look you’ve always known Anwar to deliver. You can keep up with his journey in the industry & latest drops by following his tumblr.


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Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea

The internet is a cruel, cruel place but if you have a sense a humor then you can find why we find the tumblr “Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea” slightly hilarious, no matter how much of a reach it is.

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Sais TV

Sais is a creative studio & shop located in Uptown NY, where anything can happen. If you appreciate the art of photography that isn’t exactly by the textbook then you should be following Sais T. You might just find your new IG crush.

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 Things My Dick Does

This is what happens when you’re just a guy in San Fran with a little too much time on his hands. Arguably the strangest tumblr we have ever posted but there is no denying the guy has some creative juice… (poor choice of words) but the tumblr is funny & we’re sure you’re dashboard is already fill with plenty NSFW pages, so what’s one more?

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 Laura Callaghan Illustration

Laura Callaghan is an Irish artist we fell in love with about a year back. Her illustrations are colorful miniature stories of the modern day to day independent women that are taking this world by storm. Laura’s tumblr features nothing but bad ass art that is sure to remind you of yourself or your sister-friend.