TOAN Magazine’s Throwback Thursday: From Razr’s to Chirp’s to Sidekicks, and now the iPhone 7


As the world continues to react over the new iPhone 7’s upcoming release and all of its wonderful (and not so wonderful) new features, we wanted to take you back to a simpler time. A time when flip phones were still ok to own, having a full QWERTY keyboard was for the upper echelon and a 3.15 MP camera was mind-blowing; A 3.5 inch screen was massive and the ability to add 8GB of extra storage via micro USB was more than enough space. Do you remember the time?sidekick-lx-full-1

We went from oversized brick phones to pushing for the smallest phones possible. The Razr was a revolutionary feat and if you didn’t have one, you were outcasted (we’re being dramatic, but you get it). Somewhere along the lines walkie-talkie “chirp” phones took over and you couldn’t walk down the street without overhearing someone else’s conversation. Nextel and Boost Mobile chirps were the beginning of cell phone customization, with outrageous phone cases, light up antennas and batteries, ringtones and more!

The biggest feature that gave the Sidekick the edge it had over all other phones in the market was the ability to have AOL instant messaging on the go. You were no longer constricted to your computer screen at home to keep conversations going with friends. If you think about it, AIM was essentially preparation for twitter. Your away message was your 140 character status update, it was your way to subliminally send shots at someone. Before MCM/WCW’s became a thing you would shout out your bae or crush by simply placing their photo in your icon with and mentioning them in your away message, and that was it. Some can even debate that sending nudes birthed during the Sidekick era. It went down in the Tmail accounts before it went down in the DM’s, but that’s a topic for another day.