TOAN Magazine’s Top 5 Tumblrs Of The Week


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Art By Ruby 

Described as “The most fantastic art journel on the web” we find it hard to disagree.





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 Spirited Pursuit 

Is heavy on travel & culture. You’ll be heavily inspired to get out more after following this tumblr.




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 90’s Kind Of World

“Ooo in a 90’s kind of world, I’m glad I got my gurls.” the 90’s was a golden era for just about everything… music, magazine, television, movies, the culture, the economy.


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 The Modern Art Notes Podcast

These days everyone has a podcast but how many have a podcast discussing art & interviewing real artist.



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Queen Ross

Some of you may be just a little too young to remember all the greatness Diana Ross brought to the entertainment industry but for those of you amongst the slightly older crowd will appreciate that this tumblr is dedicated to Diana’s legacy.