Watch the trailer for biopic “Hidden Figures,” the film bending gender and racial prejudices


People of color have been defying stereotypes and breaking barricades while battling institutional hindrances throughout history. Though there are countless hurdles and inspiring stories that have yet to be shared, the biographical film “Hidden Figures” brings one of the many untold African American victories to the big screen.

The film is a visual adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly’s forthcoming book, centering on the southern bred mathematicians and scientists that were called to duty during the Jim Crow era; Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson. Excitingly portraying the brilliant minds behind several of NASA’s greatest accomplishments is the forceful triad Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe.

The book will be released on September 6, but is now available for pre-order and “Hidden Figures” is scheduled to premiere in theatres nationwide on January 13, view the trailer below.